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Materials Management for Kenandy ERP

Inventory Management Module

Kenandy ERP provides complete control and tracking of all your resources, throughout your business and into your extended supply chain networks. Kenandy offers unique capabilities for maintaining subinventories that specifically support distributed operations and upstream and downstream inventory visibility for inventory monitoring, stocking transactions, and inventory movement. A single screen allows direct access to a complete view into any item to include inventory locations, open purchase orders and work orders, shortages, MRP plan requisitions, assemblies, order forecasts, recent transactions, manufacturing cross-references, and cycle counts.

Kenandy can support full monitoring of inventory state, complete transactional detail for integration with financials, and extended historical data for business analytics. It puts complete, lean, simple-to-use inventory management at your fingertips.

Material Requirements Planning

Starting with order demand and forecast information, Kenandy’s Material Requirements Planning runs standard MRP processing to produce an MRP Plan. No more tedious after-hours batch processing of ERP systems, which not only locked up the system during processing hours but were also prone to periodic failures due to an incomplete setup or failed intermediate step. Kenandy eliminates all that.

By re-thinking MRP processing to take advantage of the on-demand availability of larger memory and disk storage, Kenandy MRP is significantly faster and far more efficient, opening up your operations to a whole new realm of possibilities. With Kenandy MRP, you can run what-if MRPs, making MRP work for you, rather than you being a slave to your MRP. Never again take a late-night call to recover from a failed batch job or miss a critical planning window.

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