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Production Management for Kenandy ERP

Engineering Module

Kenandy ERP enables easy and effective management of product designs, production information, and product change orders for bills of material, engineering changes, work orders, and shop floor routing. Assemblies are managed in a single screen, providing quick access to design documents and ECOs, components with effective and obsolescence dates, routing steps, and pending work orders. Kenandy makes it easy to:

  • Add and maintain assemblies
  • Add and maintain ECOs
  • Add and maintain routings
  • Add and maintain work centers

With Kenandy, you can cover the entire product lifecycle, from design through production, with a simple easy-to-use solution that works for all product companies.

Production Management Module

Kenandy ERP makes it easy to move your work orders into work-in-process with complete tracking and control. Kenandy’s Work Order Management screen provides immediate access to all capabilities for:

  • Preparing work orders for production, including picklists, kitting, dekitting, and recording and relieving shortages
  • Recording completion to stock and scrapping of parts
  • Tracking and routing of assemblies through operations 

With Kenandy, you can also take advantage of mobile devices to speed all your work order processes, bringing them right into the stock room and on to the production floor.

Kenandy ERP Modules

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