Kenandy ERP | Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Kenandy ERP offers rich functionality to support purchasing requirements for your global supply chain and manufacturing operations. Kenandy manages all your purchasing for inventoried as well as expense items and asset purchases. All purchasing and inventory management transactions are recorded for complete integration with financials, making it simple to create purchase orders, receive items, process returns, enter and pay bills. Kenandy supports a range of order types and terms for regular, subcontract, blanket, interplant, service, drop ship, expensed, and returns. A simple, integrated screen provides access to purchase orders, line items, and approval information, making it easy to:
  • Create, update, track, and close purchase orders for a broad range of order types
  • View all the GL transactions related to your POs
  • Maintain supplier information and manufacturing cross-reference data for easy supplier substitutions when necessary
The purchase order approval process is automated and managed through user roles and profiles within your organization. You create the process based on your business requirements. To ensure a complete record, all approval actions are recorded for compliance and verification. Kenandy streamlines your entire purchasing process for lean operations.
With Kenandy, you can invite your suppliers to join a portal and chat with them in real time about changes to your order and shipments. This unique capability enables you to take immediate action on changes and new opportunities. You can discuss best practices, new items and pricing information, and your conversation will be maintained within your workflow.