Microsoft Dynamics AX | Support Options

Support Options

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software service plan benefits range from basic, self-support resources to personalized account management. Tiered plans include multiple support options such as unlimited online training, support calls, access to upgrades and updates, and access to a technical and support portal. When personalized one-to-one support is required, Microsoft Dynamics AX support professionals can handle most requests immediately. And when an immediate solution isn’t available, guaranteed response times ensure that issues are resolved promptly.

Microsoft Dynamics AX support options provide the flexible, industry-leading support required to enable users to quickly address technical issues, expand professional expertise, and maximize return on investment (ROI).

The following features are included in all levels of Microsoft Dynamics AX tiered plans:

  • CustomerSource Access

  • Product Releases

  • Service Packs

  • Hot Fixes

  • Tax and Regulatory Updates

  • Unlimited Online Training

  • Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery

  • Extended Hotfix Support

  • Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services

  • License Mobility