Microsoft Dynamics GP | Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials (BOMs)

The Bill of Materials (BOMs) feature within Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP manufacturing solution manages specifications of subassemblies and top-level assemblies of finished goods. Create, analyze, and approve requirements of finished goods with raw material costs rolled into final expenses. The Manufacturing BOM integrates with both the Inventory and Manufacturing Order Processing modules to track labor costs and the production of finished goods and materials. The functionality of BOM can be adjusted to meet quality control standards.

Microsoft Dynamics GP BOM module effortlessly manages, analyzes, and compares multiple BOM versions. Reduce errors and time spent on manual calculations. Design, update, and approve finished goods packaging. Save time by linking product formulas to finished goods packing configurations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software provides the following features in the Manufacturing BOM module:

  • Track Work in Progress (WIP) for materials, machine time, and labor.

  • Enter a fixed or variable quantity on the BOM.

  • Create a link to the item on the BOM with a specific routing sequence.

  • Access multiple BOM types and categories such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Archived, Configured, and Super.

  • Maintain history of BOMs with BOM history.

  • Label a component as an alternate part.

  • Calculate component lead times by date entered on BOM.

  • Automatically update changes to BOMs with the BOM Mass Update feature.

  • Maintain an active BOM for each finished product.

  • Update entries, edit revision levels, save revision histories, and change BOM categories at any time.

  • Create phantom BOMs to track critical components of subassemblies.