NetSuite ERP | Customer Care

                NetSuite Customer Care Principles

One: Service Uptime Guarantee

NetSuite’s customer agreement guarantees 99.5% uptime outside the scheduled service



Two: Ongoing Upgrades

NetSuite enhances its products through regular upgrades. All NetSuite upgrades will preserve

your account configuration.


Three: Customized Account Configuration

NetSuite can be configured with custom processes, forms, records and fields.


Four: Integration with Other Applications

NetSuite understands that customers may need to integrate NetSuite with other applications.

To that end, NetSuite offers industry standards-based integration capabilities and optional

professional services.


Five: Data Security

NetSuite understands that security is of utmost importance, which is why we provide multiple

layers of data protection. In addition, NetSuite’s role-based security provides your company with

options for managing data access within your company.


Six: Data Ownership

NetSuite recognizes that the data in your NetSuite account is your data. Should you plan to end

your NetSuite subscription, there are several ways for you to export your data.


Seven: Quality Customer Service

When you contact NetSuite for support, your team will work with a responsive, knowledgeable

and well-trained customer service professional.


Eight: Proactive Communication

NetSuite will keep you in the loop. Our system provides you advanced notice of upgrades and

new product features.


Nine: Community

NetSuite encourages you to share your ideas and experiences with other customers, and provides

community programs to encourage collaboration.

Despite our efforts, there may be circumstances when things do not go as planned. If that

happens, these principles will continue to guide our actions as we work to resolve your issues.