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Additional Capabilities for DEACOM ERP

Business Intelligence

• View any aspect of the company with flexible reporting management tools

• Access performance reporting in real-time

• Display and access the most important information in one location with report previews

• Create triggers to automatically send documents and emails after a system process is completed

• Set up languages by user in main application to instantly translate across all functionalities

• Design dashboards based showcasing data from business area


• Access the app from any mobile Apple device

• Leverage full functionality even while in airplane mode

• Specify and select an unlimited number of routes

• Start and end routes from a single interface

• View and edit order details including status, start/end dates, bill to, and ship to customer information

• Print customized receipts directly to a wireless mobile printer

• Accept customer signatures and new customer payments

• Scan barcodes and shipping labels

• View, edit, re-calculate, and apply promotional codes to orders

• View route location information via Google maps

• Create new customer orders

• View and edit real time order changes

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

• Utilize the support for both ANSI ASC X12 and EDIFACT standards

• Configure the flexible setup based on individual business processing rules

• Work with any Value Added Network (VAN)

• Leverage the multiple document formatting options available based on industry, trading partner, and VAN

Formula Management

  • Completely integrated formula management module allows changes to formulas to instantly impact inventory, production requirements and planning
  • Set up formulas once, then scale to any batch or package size
  • Infinitely configurable, user-definable calculations and user fields allow lab functions to be done in your own style

Labor Tracking System

  • Automatically collect payroll and job costing data from the shop floor
  • Monitor warehouse staff’s time, attendance and performance
  • Track hours across work centers and operations
  • Track rework, downtime and maintenance costs


• Review custom formatted reports that are optimized for your organization’s team

• Drill down to the source transaction from any summary level report

• Enter an order anytime, anywhere with DEACOM Mobile

• Capitalize on the power of order entries available in real-time, enabling tools like MRP, the sales calendar, and production scheduling from your mobile device

• Add information into the CRM, such as notes on a critical meeting, and have them available for the entire team in real-time

• Stay updated on opportunities to win business while on the road via CRM workflow and activities

• Access your entire list of contacts from the palm of your hand

• Rely on the same user security parameters as the main ERP software.

• Whitelist specific devices, ensuring they can be disabled by a system administrator if necessary

• Create order entry templates to simplify the submission of large quantity orders

Point of Sale (POS)

• View real-time updates of customer and inventory records

• Use pricing rules that are defined in one location

• Apply various pricing options and promotions

• Leverage the same security restrictions as the main ERP

• Accept split payments

• Sell lot controlled items

• Process returns

• Reconcile accounts and view corresponding reports

Regulatory/Environmental Reporting

• Create regulatory documents in DEACOM with real-time data

• Calculate hazardous materials, gather data, and comply with SARA reporting requirements

• Automatically create Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) based on actual ingredients used in each formulation

• Deliver regulatory compliance data directly to online MSDS forms

• Automatically generate Certificates of Analysis (COA) documents

• Create MSDS template forms using shared data groups for ease of maintenance

• Create QC test groups with test ranges and target values, permanently store results for reporting

• Track revisions to formulas to know exactly how a product was made in each batch

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