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E2 Shop System

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Financial Management for E2 Shop System

Financial Management Module

Accounts Payable

E2 can handle all of your A/P functions including Vendor Invoices, Check Writing, Aging Summaries, Checkbook Registers, Bank Reconciliations and many other A/P reports.

Accounts Receivable

E2 can handle all of your A/R functions including billing, cash receipts, sales summaries, deposit summaries, customer statement and many other A/R reports.

Budgeting and Cashflow


E2 has budgeting based on multiple criteria.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is integrated in the A/P system.


E2 handles multi-currency and multiple currency codes can be setup with different bank codes.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is integrated into the G/L. The user can also incorporate their payroll, A/R and A/P into their cash flow.

Executive Overview

• A customizable reporting mechanism that enables the shop owner to access strategic data and make critical business decisions in seconds.

• Are jobs shipping on time?

• Are my employees and work centers performing as expected?

• Am I making a profit on my jobs?

• How many quotes am I winning?

• Are my vendors supplying me with quality materials and services, on time?

• What is the value of my inventory?

• What is my sales backlog?

• Which employees were late today, or didn’t show?

General Ledger

E2 has a totally integrated General ledger module with journal entries, trial balances, income statements, general ledger summaries, cash flow analysis and audit trails.


E2 has a completely integrated payroll module called Centerpoint so data does not have to be entered more than once. E2 payroll can handle multi-state and direct deposit.

Interfacing with QuickBooks

The E2 interface will re-create your E2 invoices directly into QuickBooks, eliminating the need to manually re-enter this information to run your accounting. You have a choice of either using our Real Time sync which automatically re-creates the invoices from E2 into QuickBooks, or you can choose to run the batch process.

The E2 Shop System handles all of your Quoting, Scheduling, Job Costing, Performance analysis, Purchasing, Inventory, Bar Code data collection, Shipping, Quality and contact management. The E2 Shop System is the leading shop management system on the market today. Since 1984, E2 has helped over 4000 shops become more profitable by taking control of their shop floor.

E2 is designed for job shops, machine shops and made to order manufacturers that need help on the Shop Floor and want to keep using their QuickBooks. E2 is the only shop management provider that gives shop owners two options when it comes to interfacing with QuickBooks. The first option is the real time option where everything automatically syncs up without any extra keystrokes. The second option allows the user to review everything first before syncing up. We give you the option of deciding which choice is best for your business. E2 also has its own A/R, A/P, G/L and Payroll for those shop owners wanting everything in one system.

Can I keep using QuickBooks for my accounting and just use E2 for the Shop Floor?

Yes. E2 has a number of customers that do not want to part with their QuickBooks but are looking for something more for the shop floor. E2 can handle all of their quoting, scheduling, bar code data collection, job costing and inventory and QuickBooks can handle all of their accounting. Clients can get the best of both worlds, the best Shop Floor Control system handling all of the shop’s needs and QuickBooks handling all of the accounting needs.

How long will it take me to get up and running on E2?

Since Shoptech can convert your QuickBooks base data, there is no need to manually enter any data. When you get the CD from Shoptech, your QuickBooks data is already pre-loaded!! So you never experience any down time and are able to hit the ground running.

Is there any double entry required between E2 and QuickBooks?

No double entry is needed. The data goes right from
E2 straight into QuickBooks. 

What Does the Gold Certification mean?

QuickBooks Gold and Silver developers have undergone
an extensive testing and approval process to ensure that the software products seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks.

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