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Supply Chain Management for E2 Shop System

Supply Chain Management Module

Advanced Scheduling

Eliminate the bottlenecks and guesswork from your scheduling, and see your shop from any perspective with the E2 Scheduling module.

• Avoid machine bottlenecks using whiteboard scheduling

• View your shop by machine, employee, month, week, day, or hour

• Create what-if” scenarios to take the guesswork out before committing to due dates

• Choose from Infinite or Finite scheduling by machine, or entire shop

• Flag high-priority hot jobs’ with minimal disruption

• Generate precise delivery dates with confidence

Demand Forecasting

The E2 MRP screen handles all of your demand forecasting from a finished goods as wells as raw material standpoint.

Executive Overview

• A customizable reporting mechanism that enables the shop owner to access strategic data and make critical business decisions in seconds.

• Are jobs shipping on time?

• Are my employees and work centers performing as expected?

• Am I making a profit on my jobs?

• How many quotes am I winning?

• Are my vendors supplying me with quality materials and services, on time?

• What is the value of my inventory?

• What is my sales backlog?

• Which employees were late today, or didn’t show?

Inventory Management

Whether you need raw materials or finished goods, the E2 Shop System handles inventory and purchasing in a snap. Each part or material number can be stored alpha, numeric, or with special characters. In addition, each inventoried item can be stored in multiple bin or lot locations. When inventoried items are allocated to a job or finished goods are sold from inventory, the E2 Shop System stores the history of where the raw materials or finishedparts were pulled from. This eliminates the guesswork when quality control becomes an issue.



You can easily generate your Purchase Order with Point and Click” convenience. If you want to shop around for the best prices, you can issue an RFQ to a variety of vendors to determine your best price.


E2 has a fully integrated receiving module for both raw materials, finished goods as well as outside services.

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