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Financial Management for EnterpriseIQ

Financial Overview Module

IQMS Financial Management system is a comprehensive accounting and general office management program that improves visibility of the financial side of your business. Knowing how and where you spend your money, as well as where and how you receive your income, puts you in charge of monitoring cash flow and controlling costs. The result: Improved profitability.

IQMS Financial Modules pick up where stand alone account packages leave off. Tight integration with all the EnterpriseIQ ERP Software Solution allows important financial data to cross seamlessly into manufacturing, job costing and quoting, and forecasting so intelligent business decisions can be made with an eye on the bottom line. Access via the Internet through the eBusiness Web Portals and EDI, empowers customers and suppliers to make intelligent business decisions as well.

General Ledger Module

IQMS gives users extreme flexibility when it comes to setting up the General Ledger. The IQMS General Ledger includes many management tools such as financial reports, easy and direct journal entry, budget and analysis tools and more to help maintain a positive bottom line. 

A Flexible Chart of Accounts Structure and Period Definition lets users define the structure of their chart of accounts including the account, division, departments and any other codes that may be unique to their environment. 

  • Unlimited, user defined account and sub-account types to help with financial reports.
  • Unlimited open periods and years. 
  • Multi-Company/Multi-Plant Entries with separate or consolidated financials and fiscal year definitions.
  • The General Ledger Journal Entry function supports double entry-balanced transactions, with repeating descriptions. 
  • A running total keeps you in balance prior to posting. 
  • Support for Recurring, Reversing and Free Form entries. 
  • Cash Analysis and Forecasting. 
  • All activity related to open and closing periods is recorded in a transaction log for traceability. 
  • Flexibility in posting transactions. 
  • Extremely versatile financial reporting tool lets you modify standard reports, and create user defined reports.

Financial Reporting Module

IQMS delivers a powerful financial reporting solution to help you make better decisions. EnterpriseIQ Financial Reporting streamlines every step of the financial process and provides meaningful, comprehensive and highly customizable financial and management reports, transforming information and analysis into answers, action and business success. 

  • Create custom formatted financial reports to meet the needs of decision makers at every level in your organization
  • View reports on screen using the Drill-Down Viewer Drill-Down from financial summary information into account and transaction detail
  • E‑mail reports to remote user
  • Export and import reports and data to and from Microsoft Excel and many commercially available spreadsheets
  • Include complex calculations including conditional If, Then” statements in your report
  • Drag and drop units in your reporting tree to see the financial effect of restructuring
  • Create virtual roll-up structures that do not exist in your chart of accounts
  • Prepare and distribute presentation quality reports using customized fonts, colors, and other formatting options 
  • Report on both posted and unposted activity
  • Compare items like revenue and expense figures for different departments through the creation of side by side comparison reports

Accounts Payable Module

EnterpriseIQ Accounts Payable provides manufacturers powerful tools to make cash management easy and accurate. The Accounts Payable module maintains vendor invoices and payments, prints checks, and provides detailed invoice and payment history. Multiple reports assist you in maintaining a cash flow analysis for your business.

  • Assign unlimited AP Invoice items based on actual receipts from multiple releases. A separate line item will be created for each receipt and the system will track which release has been invoiced separately. 
  • Auto Invoice” feature automatically creates AP invoices based on receipts. 
  • Enter payable invoice line items directly from a purchase order. 
  • Establish recurring invoices for payments such as rent, bank fees or utilities to expedite bill payment. 
  • Processed payables automatically post to General Ledger. 
  • Flexible payment scheduling allows for payment term discount dates as well as hold and release” invoices for payments over any time period. 
  • Apply a payment to a Vendor’s Open Invoice(s) and distribute payments directly against an unlimited number of General Ledger Accounts. 
  • Electronic fund transfer, quick check creation or manual payment. 
  • Pre-Posting Batch Review Reports menu displays the detail of each invoice and the G/L Account distribution prior to actual posting of payable invoices. 
  • Multiple Cash Analysis and Payment History Reports such as Cash Requirements Reporting, Aged Cash Requirements (past due invoices), Outstanding Invoices report and Vendor Invoice and Check History reports and more let you know where your money is going. 
  • Check Register reconciles and lists outstanding checks. 
  • Instantly access vendor information including invoices and detailed payable history, debit memos, credit memos and application of open credits. 
  • A complete vendor rating system helps to monitor vendor performance.

Accounts Receivable Module

The Accounts Receivable system within the EnterpriseIQ ERP Software Solution is an advanced, easy-to-use debit/credit posting system for managing customer receivable records including customer maintenance, invoicing, cash receipts, and account status including agings, collection letters, reports and more. 


EnterpriseIQ ERP Accounting modules makes invoice generation quick, easy and accurate. Invoices may be created with an unlimited number of line items for finished goods, raw materials or miscellaneous items such as tool repair. Once an invoice has been generated extensive reporting and analysis tools allows users to track the payment history of each invoice as it proceeds through the accounting process.

Flexible invoice generation throughout EnterpriseIQ allows a variety of Automatic and Manual invoicing options and functions including: 

  • Packing slip to invoice. The most common type of invoice generation also allows invoice generation from previous un-invoiced shipments, Partially Invoiced Orders, VMI Shipments, and/or miscellaneous items. 
  • Quick Invoice” creates an invoice directly from the Sales Order including previously un-invoiced items. 
  • Free-form/Miscellaneous invoices items that are not a part of a shipment (including credit memos). 
  • Flexible pricing scenarios allow modifications to standard pricing and other price break options. 
  • E‑mails invoices automatic to specified customer contacts 
  • Commission Management ties sales person(s) and commission % to customer or an item within the invoice. 
  • Extensive built-in reporting features highlight invoicing activity including; Invoice Register, Sales analysis, Accounts Receivable-Detail Aging, Accounts Receivable-Summary Aging, Un-posted Invoices, and more 
  • Paperless option electronically sends invoice to designated contact immediately

Account Status and Management

A customer’s account status can be quickly checked, either through reports or on the screen with drill down capabilities for additional shipping and billing detail. Instant access to customer’s current status, and account aging information with visibility of credit limit, credit hold, account balance, amount open to buy, total amount past due, open items, and more. 

  • Easy sales analysis utility summarizes invoice activity for each customer by GL year and period. 
  • Customer Ledger Inquiry” instantly provides a complete history of all transactions that have been made against a customer including payment activity (i.e. check date, deposit date, amount applied, etc.) associated with each invoice 
  • Complete Credit Management includes credit limit calculations, automatic dunning letters and alerts to credit violations. 

Cash Management

Complete cash management provides a comprehensive history of all cash receipts and General Ledger entries with a detail or summary posting for each and every transaction. 

  • Electronic Deposit as well as Credit Card Processing. 
  • Receipts can be applied to a specific invoice, packing slip, open account or as On Account” (for overpayments, pre-paid deposits, and other miscellaneous adjustments). 
  • Distribute cash receipts over one or more invoices, across one or multiple customers. 
  • Pre-Post Batch review allows last minute corrections including edits, additions and deletions prior to posting.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Module

To stay competitive in today’s busy world, more and more organizations are required to process business transactions electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In many industries EDI is a prerequisite to doing business. The EnterpriseIQ ERP Software’s EDI Translator assists and expedites the exchange of critical business data, enabling users to meet their customer’s demands for processing EDI transactions 

EnterpriseIQ EDI is seamlessly embedded with EnterpriseIQ ERP and Manufacturing Software solution. No cumbersome third party interface to worry about. The IQMS EDI module translates incoming files directly into EnterpriseIQ, and automatically generates outgoing files for transfer back to customers and suppliers. EnterpriseIQ eliminates manual data entry of incoming forecast and releases, and provides accurate generation of outgoing messages such as Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN).

  • Outbound transactions generated in trading partner format directly from the system. 
  • Business Rules Generate Exception documents to ensure data integrity. 
  • Two way EDI messages supported for true Supply Chain functionality. 
  • Accommodates various industries including the AIAG supply chain business practices. 
  • Supports a variety of file formats including: ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Odette, XML, CSV, VDA, and flat-file. 
  • Works with any VAN or Web-based Communication. 
  • Supports ftp transmission and receipt of files. 

EDI eServer

A unique feature of the EnterpriseIQ EDI is the eServer functionality. Set up as a separate server, eServer allows for continuous background processing of inbound and outbound EDI transactions. E‑mails and file transfers are automatic and require less manual maintenance.

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