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Materials Management for EnterpriseIQ

Inventory Control Module

An accurate inventory may be the single most important factor in maximizing enterprise and supply chain efficiency. With the EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP Inventory software, controlling inventory and costs has never been easier. 

EnterpriseIQ Inventory is built on facilitating lean management principles with functions such as: 

  • Separate Inventory Master records for each manufacturing individual location (or EPlant) 
  • Both eKanban and conventional Kanban Control support 
  • Complete lot number tracking and traceability including supporting documents 
  • Serialized Inventory Control

As an advanced inventory management tool, EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP software provides all the functionality to store, track and fulfill orders based on real-time inventory information from the manufacturing floor, the warehouse, and outsourced and vendor locations.

  • EnterpriseIQ Wireless Warehouse Management allows for inventory adjustments from anywhere on the plant floor through PDAs or other handheld, radio frequency enabled scanning devices. 
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) capabilities support the ability to manage consignment inventory stored at customer or vendor sites. 
  • InterCompany Transactions allows multi-plant companies to achieve unified scheduling and distribution across all facilities. 
  • Outsource Inventory Management All the tools needed to plan, manage, ship and track status of products produced in partial or completion at outsource vendor locations. 
  • Class based inventory (i.e. finished goods, raw material, packaging) provides for class-specific” information, such as vendor specific information or manufacturing data. 
  • Detailed Transaction Log provides a complete history of transactions against any single item that remains with the item until the file is purged. 
  • Where Used Analysis” quickly finds where an item is utilized by either manufacturing configurations or as a component in a blend. 
  • Maintain standard costs based on cost elements with complete roll up through work in process and finished goods. 
  • Supports non-conforming, non-allocate and default inventory locations. 
  • Maintains historical, current, and future costs. 
  • Unlimited UOMs associated with purchasing, productions, sales or stocking for review or automatic conversion. 
  • Support for unlimited locations per inventory item. 
  • Unlimited price breaks lets you set volume discounts for finished goods (selling) and raw material (purchased) acquisitions. 
  • eKanban. The min/max inventory system compliments sales, work orders and scheduling to ensure no item is ever missing or short. 
  • Mass substitutions as well as immediate or scheduled pricing updates.
  • Shelf Life Management tracks the inventory expirations and automatically identifies as non-conforming with e‑mail alert notification. 
  • Blend Technology allows you to maintain items that are made up of two or more materials.

Vendor Managed Inventory Module

EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP system supports the ability to manage inventory stored at the customer site Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The system includes the ability to ship the product to the customer, manage the shipment and quantity as simply another location within EnterpriseIQ, and support the invoicing of the product when it is actually consumed by the customer. 

  • VMI supports partial consumption of the item, so that multiple invoices can be created to handle the one or many transactions that occur on your customer’s floor
  • MRP engine differentiates between VMI item and on-site inventory to correctly generate manufacturing quantities.
  • Use the same procedures as any other sales order to fulfill order requests from VMI and automatically adjust the necessary inventory transactions — no additional work for the sales or shipping staff.
  • Interfaces with WebDirect Customer Portal for quick data entry and access.
  • VMI activity is fully supported via EDI

Wireless Warehouse Management System Module

Simplify inventory management the wireless Warehouse Management System with WMS within EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP Software System. Eliminate hundreds, maybe thousands of keystrokes daily as inventory data is collected from either dedicated handheld scanners or RF-enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs). Transactions are entered in real time, right where it happens; on the plant floor, on the fork lift, at receiving, at shipping, and anywhere in between. No Batch updates!

Effectively, WMS has the potential to drastically improved the inventory management process and lower the cost of inventory data collection. The net effect is faster recognition of production and inventory changes within EnterpriseIQ, drastic reduction of time spent at dedicated workstations, and dramatically improved accuracy of data input.

  • Handles ALL inventory transactions including; Receiving, Adjustments, Physical Inventory, Cycle Counting, Production Entry, Material Backflush, Pick Tickets, Packing Slips, Bills of Lading, Inter-Company Transfers, KanBan Cards
  • A single database containing all inventory transactions, made by any user within EnterpriseIQ provides for maximum accountability and improves shipping and order fulfillment rates. 
  • RealTime integration with scheduling, production, and sales, eliminates batch/data update postings and reconciliation of multiple inventory tables. 
  • Improved customer service with 100% real-time update to inventory information, available to all departments — customer service, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and receiving. 
  • Non-Serialized and Serialized transactions including foreign” serial number tracking.
  • Automatic label generation including AIAG compliant and customer specific labels.
    Supports Packaging and Distribution requirements for EDI-based shipments including ASN generation at time of shipment. 
  • Individual User Defined Profiles allows for custom system functionality based on the individual user’s needs and responsibilities.
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