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Customer Relationship Management for EnterpriseIQ

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module

There is more to gaining and retaining a customer’s business than just providing product. An equally important part also depends on the customer experience within your organization. EnterpriseIQ CRM provides the tools to help maintain positive customer and supplier relationships. From the initial marketing campaign and sales contacts to customer and technical support calls, EnterpriseIQ CRM captures, manages and tracks the details of every customer, partner and vendor interaction in a single system. Because our CRM is incorporated with the entire EnterpriseIQ ERP solution all areas are connected to eliminate duplicate data entry and eliminate time wasted accessing jumping between various unrelated and stand-alone packages.

  • Complete Visibility of ALL customer interactions. A single, central database of information not only eliminates the need to enter duplicate information but also promotes information sharing among all departments. The seamless information and workflow ensures all your customer-facing departments work more efficiently together to meet your customers’ needs. 
  • PDA, Smart Phone, and Blackberry Enabled. Traveling employees will now have instant access to customer central, open activities, contact listing and telephone information in real-time while on the go. 
  • Customer, Supplier and Partner Support Management. Manage all your business support interactions in one system. All notes, calls, meetings or tasks can be easily accessed and reviewed. Our drag and drop e‑mail correspondence feature makes easy work of archiving communication.
  • Complete sales, support, purchase and shipping history. Our CRM accesses the ERP database, giving you everything from the beginning of the sales cycle including quotes, notes, meeting activity through production, shipping and return process.
  • Customer/Supplier Service Tracking and Answer Book. Knowledgebase repository allows for links to previous support issues and resolutions, warranty and service tracking, company procedures, or standard protocols to encourage consistent and quick review.
  • Integrated Event Calendar and Alert System. Schedule and track appointments, demos, follow-up support, sales calls and more
  • Track Sales Opportunities and Marketing Campaigns. Track the success of promotional campaigns and sales opportunities for effectiveness and to better determine new revenue sources. Manage mass mailings, quotes, projects and all activity tied to each particular instance.
  • Complete Support” Records. Track in detail customer, supplier, or partner issues. With multiple events, attached documentation, links to inventory and quality, and user defined categories information is readily available from one record for easier resolution.
  • Central Storage. Review all customer, vendor, or partner activities from one screen to gain instantly familiarity with history, user defined alerts, distributions lists and more, thus providing access to information to all employees.
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