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IQMS EnterpriseIQ Training Programs 

Studies have proven that companies placing a premium on training progress significantly faster, with better results than those that do not. This same philosophy holds true with EnterpriseIQ. The product is broad, in some places complex, and its integrated nature can fundamentally change the way you look at your business. 

To help your employees gain a thorough knowledge of the EntepriseIQ system, IQMS offers several hands-on training programs. These programs address different needs of the user community and cover both global and specific issues within the software. The training programs will teach you not only program functionality, but more importantly, how to USE the system and the data to benefit your organization. 

IQMS Training Center Programs
IQMS has two state of the art training facilities that provide users with hands on training experience. Class size is kept to a minimum to allow users a more personal and interactive environment to encourage and stimulate a comprehensive understanding of the concepts being presented. 

Internet Training
IQMS offers customers two affordable options for training conducted over the Internet. All Internet training is conducted in real-time by live IQMS instructors — 

  • Internet Based Training — Focused, single customer training, completely customized by the user to address the specific subjects and needs of that organization. IQMS training staff uses the Internet to connect directly to a customer PC. Training is done in real-time on customer’s data. 
  • Virtual Training Classes — Are open to all EnterpriseIQ users. The virtual class is presented in the same manner as IQMS classroom training courses with curriculum and content defined and developed by IQMS staff to meet the dynamic needs of the overall client base. 

On-Site Training Courses
IQMS offers on-site training courses to those customers who feel better served by training at their facility. Additionally, all courses taught in our training centers can also be performed at the customer site by an IQMS trainer. On-site training courses also allow the flexibility of shortening the class duration by removing any topics not applicable in the customer environment. On-site training is billed at a daily rate, not per users, plus travel expenses and includes course workbooks and materials for each participant.

IQMS Professional Services and Consulting

Initial Implementation
An effective implementation program is the key to maximizing your return on your EnterpriseIQ ERP Software investment. IQMS Professional Services takes a proactive role to ensure a successful implementation by focusing on meeting your business goals. IQMS provides an implementation program that will help you:

  • Define how EnterpriseIQ ERP can streamline and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of business processes to meet your business objectives. 
  • Identify the what, where, when, how, and who of the implementation cycle to ensure an on-time and on-budget implementation. 
  • Review and monitor implementation results. 

EnterpriseIQ Application Analysis
IQMS can help businesses optimize the benefits of the EnterpriseIQ ERP System. As organizations evolve over the years, adjustments to everyday business processes become inevitable. Your business evolves; EnterpriseIQ continues to grow in features and functionality. The EnterpriseIQ Application Analysis (EAA) program can help match functions to needs, optimize current processes, and provide the roadmap to greater profitability.

The EAA program consists of a three day, onsite visit to:

  • Assess your use of EnterpriseIQ based on your business goals; recommendations are then made to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to meet business requirements. 
  • Implement benchmarking tools to help you improve inventory turns, lean manufacturing and ultimately — profitability.
  • Provide a written assessment of recommended internal changes. 
  • Act as your advocate for software changes with IQMS programming staff and follow changes through the entire development process. 
  • Demonstrate possible new strategies and features to get the most out of the EnterpriseIQ ERP investment. 

Upgrade Installation Program
Each release of EnterpriseIQ is packed with new features and functions. IQMS Professional Services is uniquely suited to assist with the actual install and help your team quickly take advantage of the latest upgrade. Master the What’s Changed document in the shortest time possible.

IQMS Technical Support

IQMS support programs were designed to provide quick response time to problem resolution and include:

  • Live” Phone Support — IQMS support specialists provide personalized phone support to expedite problem resolution. The support staff has a background in manufacturing and realizes the importance of reducing downtime. 
  • E‑mail support — E‑mail is the best source of problem resolution. It eliminates discrepancies and misinterpretations and provides documentation for the future. 
  • 247 self serve via the web — Realizing there are times that may be require addressing issues during nonstandard business hours, the secure Client’s Only section of our website provides a knowledge base of issues and resolutions directly from the tech support help desk. 
  • Online videos — Also available on the Clients Only section of our website, are tutorial videos. The online videos can be used to walk clients through many key aspects of the software. For example a video on Basic Navigation is available and useful for providing quick training to new employees or those employees on off-shift schedules. 
  • Internet support — No two customers or installations are the same. With desktop connectivity capabilities via the Internet, a support specialist can connect to customer computers and see issues in their environment and ensure the most effective resolution specific to your installation. 
  • SCR request — IQMS encourages customer input on product enhancements. The on-line Software Change Request makes user input quick and easy. 
  • TechNotes — Access to technical documents that describe in detail additional functionality and methodologies to ensure optimal system performance.

Software Updates and Maintenance Program 

The IQMS maintenance plan ensures all customers have the latest tools and technology to support their business. It includes all new releases of the EntepriseiQ ERP and Manufacturing software at no additional charge. 

Product Upgrade — Are major releases that contain significant product enhancements. They are usually released twice a year and incorporate increased functionality that leverage new technologies and business models. Upgrades are released on CD and include updated documentation.

Service Packs- Service packs are released on an as needed basis and contain fixes and maintenance releases for the current version of IQMS products as well as Oracle required enhancements. Service Packs are usually released via secure access over the Internet.

User Specific Enhancements- IQMS has the unique capability to provide user specific enhancements. Where there is a mutually agreed upon benefit, the customer becomes part of the development testing cycle. Generally, these enhancements become part of the standard product over time.

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