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Supply Chain Management for EnterpriseIQ

Capable to Promise Module

EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP’s Capable to Promise feature lets you confidently answer your customers’ toughest questions: How many parts can I get and when can I have them”. Our detailed CTP/ATP is an all-encompassing analysis of operating hours, production and manufacturing time requirements, machine availability, labor capacity, tooling readiness, and materials required. By combining all aspects of what is required to manufacture a product, our CTP/ATP gives manufacturers better visibility into completion within seconds- through all levels and across the entire supply chain. So you can respond instantly and accurately to your customer demands based on real-time manufacturing information. 

  • Reviews all inventory, including on-hand and on order.
  • Combines materials, tools and machine capacity into one cohesive view.
  • Easy-to-read graphic charts and routing diagrams display availability and constraints that may cause the delay in the timely delivery of products
  • Calculates potential purchasing issues by analyzing supplier lead times.
  • Uses Runs Best and multi-level Bills of Manufacture to determine specific work centers and assesses any possible constraints.
  • Intuitively blocks production time available based on holidays and facility closures which are driven by the user-defined Shop Calendar. 
  • Evaluates labor requirements and compares to actual existing labor schedule.
  • Automatic calculation earliest CTP Date. If the job under investigation cannot be run within the requested time frame because capacity is unavailable, the first available open time will be identified.

Demand Planning Module

EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP’s Scheduling and Planning modules go beyond just scheduling. The powerful and flexible system is updated in real time from events occurring throughout the supply chain as well as within the Manufacturing and ERP system. It incorporates all requirements and objectives defined in the plan together with transactions entered externally through the Internet, and internally through any of the integrated EnterpriseIQ ERP software modules. This information is analyzed to determine the optimal schedule that meets customer demands as well as business objectives. Bringing organizations: 

  • Demand Driven, On-time delivery 
  • Accurate and timely planning 
  • Optimized use of available resources 
  • Reduced cycle times 
  • Minimize inventory costs 
  • Maximized plant floor throughput

Materials Ordering Module

EnterpriseIQ Sales Order Management allows you to create and manage sales orders from a single screen. Taking it one step further, users also can get current production information, inventory status, capable to promise, previous shipment, and change order information with just a click of the mouse. Convert sales quotations to sales orders instantly whether entered internally or externally via the web. The quote to order process is more efficient because re-keying quote information is unnecessary thereby eliminating data entry errors.

The EnterpriseIQ single database methodology takes Sales Order Management beyond a simple order entry system with instant access to information in other ERP modules.Link directly from the sales order to the actual cost source (Project, PLM, Preventative Maintenance…) Ensure continued customer satisfaction, account receivable validation and quality control with access to Returns, Warranty information, Quality warnings, billing history, and more.

  • Built in Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-To- Promise (CTP) analyzes both open orders and inventory when building work orders, ensuring only parts needed (as indicated on the quotation) are produced
  • Extensive commission and sales analytic tools help identify sales trends and profitability, by product, business unit, customer and sales person
  • Quick and easy order entry with pull down menus and previous order history including, ship-to, bill-to, pricing/quantity discounts, and more
  • Flexibly pricing and discount options including customer specific pricing, tier pricing and other discount terms
  • Cumulative or blanket release management to support the most stringent automotive, medical, and other industry requirements.Includes cumulative release and R.A.N./KanBan Number tracking.
  • Unlimited bill-tos, and ship-to’s with multiple delivery schedulingper one sales order and even one sales order release
  • Each order can contain a combination of taxable, nontaxable, miscellaneous, and commission based items.
  • Credit Card processing of payments taken through the sales and order department or submitted electronically via the web portal.
  • EDI functionality allows importing of sales orders and releases automatically or flagged according to user defined flexibility rules
  • Complete Return Material Authorizations with links to CAR/CAPA, ECOs, and MRB
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Complete Credit Management monitors credit limits, credit holds and other hold conditions
  • Color-coding for quick visual recognition and links to immediate shipping and invoicing information make customer service easy
  • Turn orders into pick tickets, packing slips or invoices with a single click, or generated later individually or in a batch.

Outsource Central Module

Gain greater control over your supply chain with the EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP Outsource Central Module. Outsource Central provides all the tools needed to setup,plan, manage, ship and track status of sub-contracted products, produced in partial or completion at outsource vendor locations. 

  • Step-by step setup wizard simplifies the task of defining all pertinent Outsourcing manufacturing information (such as the Outsource bills of material, Outsource vendors and items)
  • Track the status of products sent to Outsource Vendors including Ship Orders, inventory In-Transit location details, rejects, and more
  • Shipments follow standard shipping rules and assign inventory to In-Transit” location associated with each outsource vendor
  • Receive shipping notices and ASNs via EDI for supplier to supplier” transactions or drop shipments
  • Automatically consume” raw materials at supplier location(s)
  • Ties receipt to original shipping transaction for complete lot and serial traceability 
  • Track supplier losses including rejects and scrap
  • ATP/CTP capability
  • Supplier specific pricing
  • Automatically create work orders and ship Orders for the items to be transferred to suppliers based on and demand and taking into account the scrap percent and the parts per in the outsourced BOM
  • Use the standard EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP functionality for pick tickets, packing slips, purchase orders and Purchase order receipt modules
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