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Sales & Order Management for SYSPRO

Sales & Order Management Module

Document Flow Manager

A component of the SYSPRO solution designed to facilitate collaborative commerce by automating document flow between trading partners.

The Value of Document Flow Manager (DFM)

  • Automatic and instant retrieval of documents as they arrive
  • Route or immediately process the documents without operator intervention
  • Interact with any available SYSPRO business objects. e.g. automate a response via email to a request for inventory information
  • Reduce lead time between trading partners 
  • Eliminates duplication of effort 
  • Improve customer service with automated email functionality
  • Offers 24 hour processing
  • Promotes cost saving

Matching DFM to your business

  • Provide a global business-to-business and business-to-consumer hub
  • Interact with Microsoft’s BizTalk server
  • Send email notification to the originator of processed and/or failed documents
  • Copy XML documents to failed or processed folders
  • Translate XML documents using an XSLT translator
  • SYSPRO business objects protect ERP system by enforcing business logic
  • Automate SYSPRO business objects
  • Queue messages when the main system is down
  • Track and process transactions through Microsoft Messaging Services

CyberStore™ for SYSPRO

To provide an integrated data collection solution for all inventory transactions related to warehouse management, sales, purchasing and manufacturing, thereby reducing data entry time, increasing operational accuracy and eliminating the need to perform post-processing paperwork.

The Value of CyberScan for SYSPRO

  • Real-time transaction processing improves inventory accuracy
  • Support JIT for Work-in-Progress or sales with immediate receiving
  • Ensure on-time deliveries with efficient picking process
  • Enhance customer service with real-time information
  • Reduce paperwork in manufacturing and distribution
  • Real-time validation reduces administration and increases efficiency
  • Efficient management of finished goods and raw material inventory
  • Simplify data capture and improve visibility

Matching CyberScan to your Business

  • Streamline processing by setting system defaults and switching off unnecessary prompts
  • Validate bin locations
  • Support for full goods-in-transit facility
  • Manage serialized and lot traceable items
  • Optional two-stage sales order picking (pick and confirm)
  • Option to link alternate barcodes to inventory items
  • Define menus by User or Group SYSPRO. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks are rec​og​nizedw​.syspro​.com

Overview: To provide a comprehensive website engine to sell stock items online with real-time, integrated e‑commerce shopping cart capabilities that meet a company’s Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and/or Business-to-Business (B2B) requirements.

The Value of CyberStore for SYSPRO

  • Offers the complete shopping cart experience
  • Create an unlimited list of product categories to match how you want your products presented
  • Enhanced product descriptions and images help market items being sold
  • Online product search, including customer stock code cross-reference, makes items easier to find
  • Current list price or customer specific pricing is applied
  • Show quantity availability in real-time
  • Sell in multiple units of measure
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Flexible shipping calculator allows you to base shipping costs on order value, volume or weight
  • Intuitive, efficient and secure checkout process
  • Accept all major credit cards with Autho​rize​.net or VeriSign Payflow Pro Gateways
  • Improve throughput by receiving orders directly into SYSPRO
  • Reduce data capture errors by eliminating double entry
  • Improve customer service by automatically emailing order confirmations to customers
  • Provide online order status to your B2B & B2C customers
  • Allow customers to Review Order History online
  • Save Cart feature allows customers to keep track of items they like to re-order
  • Promotional coupons generated to provide online incentives
  • Allow site visitors to store account preferences
  • Powerful content engine provides a dynamic user experience and allows the web designer complete control of the site’s look-and-feel
  • 100% Microsoft .NET architecture

POS (Point Of Sale)

Objective: To facilitate over the counter” sales transactions by accepting immediate payments or deposits efficiently.

The Value of Counter Sales

  • Multiple cash drawer facility
  • Provide fast, accurate information to customers at the counter
  • Prevent sales to customers in excess of their credit terms
  • Daily cash receipts and sales reports
  • Provide counter sales personnel with a complete on-line information system at the time of sale
  • Give access to real-time information of customer sales, inventory movement and cash receipts during order entry
  • Provide query of on-screen cash sales, deposit history and transactions
  • Multiple deposits receipts and cash receipts against accounts
  • Various payment types

Matching Counter Sales to your business

  • Control operator access to customer, sales and inventory information according to authorization levels
  • Process sales and receipts in any currency
  • Handle split payments, credit cards or checks, and calculate the change due
  • Automatically handle complex pricing structures such as contract pricing and discounts right at the counter
  • Allocate sales to individual sales people for reporting and commissions
  • Process back orders
  • Process sales using customer’s or supplier’s stock code
  • Sell non-stocked or stocked items
  • Apply freight and miscellaneous charges
  • Sell kits with optional or mandatory components
  • Provide the ability to sell serialized or lot traceable items with warranty tracking
  • Accept deposits and payments against regular orders
  • Apply deposits in full or partially as payments
  • Option to auto-deplete lots and bins
  • Facility to process a payment against any customer


  • Integrates with the following modules:
  • Accounts Receivable (Essential)
  • Bill of Materials
  • Cash Book
  • Inventory
  • Lot Traceability
  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales Orders (Essential)

Audit trails and reporting

  • Reconciliation against cash drawer and balance
  • Complete audit trails on cash sales and receipts
  • Separate routine to purge and print transactions
  • Sales profitability reports by line item
  • Minimum profit check by stock code
  • Reports on operator price overrides

Report Writer

Objective: To fulfill your unique reporting requirements by allowing creation of additional custom reports without any programming skills.

The Value of Report Writer

  • Quickly and easily produce custom reports
  • Click-and-go reporting via the report wizard
  • Intuitive interface enables design
  • Flexible reporting with run-time prompts
  • Built-in data dictionary
  • Easy integration to third-party sources
  • Export data in multiple formats for third party use
  • Daisy-chain reports for management packs
  • Multi-level security for sensitive reports and data
  • Secured update function

Matching Report Writer to your business

  • Custom report formatting to suit your company standards
  • Bitmap backgrounds provide watermarks and company logos
  • Report in default sequence or define up to 10 levels of custom sorting
  • Flexible selection criteria based on run-time prompts
  • Run-time selection of Summary or Detail reporting
  • XML Output:
  • XML Output wizard guides you through publishing options
  • Customizable style sheets for company themes or plain XML
  • Sophisticated layout control
  • Summary reports can drill down to detail
  • Automatic publishing to Intranet and Internet available


  • Define Password and Operator/Group level security per report
  • Protect report creation and execution
  • Password protect specific tables
  • Globally restrict access to Tables and Columns
  • Standard linkages for easy reporting across multiple tables
  • Export report definitions between locations
  • Provide instruction with report narrations
  • Zero programming skills required


  • Top X reporting allows reports such as top 20 selling items
  • Grand totals and up to 5 levels of subtotals per report
  • Up to 100 user-defined variables per report
  • Run-time prompts and check boxes provide great flexibility
  • Sophisticated conditional printing and positioning
  • Simple to use click and edit interface with preview
  • Arithmetic calculations including power and square roots
  • Powerful include and exclude logic with multiple level AND/OR logic

Return Merchandise

Objective: To provide an efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of items sold to customers, ensuring visibility and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.

The Value of Return Merchandise

  • Improve customer service through instant on-screen access to all RMA information
  • Retain unlimited history of RMAs
  • Maintain unlimited transaction volumes
  • Provide complete visibility of returned inventory
  • Identify recurring problems by analyzing the reasons for returns
  • Provide various options when receiving RMAs such as repair, scrap, return to supplier, restock or take no action
  • Avoid costly mistakes by automatically calculating associated return charges
  • Verify warranty dates, price and the quantity purchased

Matching Return Merchandise to your business

  • Create unique return codes
  • Use flexible options that customize processing
  • Define return period for RMAs issued
  • Immediate notification if RMA is invalid
  • Automatically charge restocking fees
  • Analyze multiple receiving actions
  • Facilitate immediate replacement cross-shipments to customers returning goods
  • Look up sold items and validate them
  • Process stocked and non-stocked items
  • Enter multiple line items per RMA
  • Customize processing with flexible options
  • Create repair work orders for items within or out of warranty
  • Initiate Inter Branch Transfer (IBT) transactions
  • Set default warehouses for RMA returns and subsequently transfer to repair warehouse after inspection

Return to Vendor for SYSPRO

Overview: To provide an efficient method of controlling the return and exchange of items bought from suppliers, ensuring visibility and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.

The Value of Return to Vendor for SYSPRO (RTV)

  • Provide complete visibility of returned inventory
  • Track returned items that are outstanding
  • Allow for credit notes and replacement items from vendor
  • Tracks costs of items not replaced by vendor
  • Retain unlimited history of RTV transactions

Matching RTV to your business

  • Ensures that items to be returned to the vendor are removed from the available stock and held in a review area while the terms for return are negotiated
  • Handle stocked and non-stocked items
  • Track variances between cost of item and credit received
  • Manage items to return through the RTV review process
  • Issues items directly to the RTV review area, while processing a return from a customer (RMA)
  • Add non-stocked items on the fly during the review process
  • Transfer stocked items immediately to the RTV area during the receiving process
  • Create GRN which can be matched against supplier’s credit note
  • Create Purchase Order for expected replacement items

Sales Analysis

Objective: To provide accurate management information relating to sales activity in order to improve sales profitability and provide facilities for sales forecasting and planning at customer and product class levels.

The Value of Sales Analysis

  • Identify the most profitable customers
  • Know which products are selling
  • Analyze market trends and geographic buying patterns
  • Calculate the profit generated by each product
  • Determine which divisions of business are selling
  • Identify which salespeople are performing
  • Instantly display sales performance for presentations and reports with business graphics
  • Improve sales forecasting
  • Measure actual performance against quantity or revenue forecasts
  • Analyze tax collections
  • Set targets against customers and/or products
  • Compare against budgets per product group and/or sales person

Matching Sales Analysis to your business

  • Choose the data to analyze with user-defined sales history options
  • Retain analysis against sub-accounts (branches) while invoicing the master account (head office)
  • Create budgets (expected sales or quotas) for salespeople, customers and product lines utilizing user-defined time period for analysis (day, week, etc.)
  • Retain up to 24 months of sales history online
  • Protect the bottom line by checking that a minimum profit is realized on all sales
  • Update sales analysis statistical files at anytime
  • Correct sales transactions without interrupting invoicing
  • Update invoice and detail line data online as invoices are printed
  • Update statistical values separately to allow control of the contents of the Sales Analysis database

Blanket Sales Orders

Objective: To provide facilities for setting up contracts between original manufacturers and their customers by allowing blanket sales orders with multiple release dates, multiple call-off and cumulative tracking.

The Value of Blanket Sales Orders

  • Filter changes in orders quickly to schedule purchasing, manufacturing and dispatching in order to achieve the customer’s request
  • Advise customers of the practicality of changes and communicate these changes to internal supplying department
  • Provide easy access to quantities delivered and outstanding per contract
  • Detailed query provides access to sales order lines, customer information and release history
  • Easy reconciliation according to individual quantities

Matching Blanket Sales Orders to your business

  • Control the parameters as well as the negotiated contractual arrangements
  • Define the number of days before a ship date to allocate inventory
  • Review and manipulate requests according to current capacity prior to acceptance
  • Allow simple manual and/or EDI receipt of releases and call-offs
  • Automated balancing and correction of opening balances
  • Extensive visual decision-support comparing existing plans and contractual arrangements before accepting changes
  • Recorded new releases manually or through EDI
  • Cross reference customer and supplier stock codes
  • In-transit figure visible during confirmation phase
  • Record notes against a release during confirmation
  • On-line release history query by month and year

Purchase Orders

Objective: To monitor the quality, accuracy, lead times and costs of purchases, while providing comprehensive supplier performance analysis.

The Value of Purchase Orders

  • Detailed queries with graphical purchase order commitment
  • Place orders using current cost, last price paid or contract pricing
  • Analyze vendor performance for delivery, pricing and quality
  • Goods Received Notes (GRN) facility provides A/P to P/O matching and variance reporting
  • Streamline purchasing with requisitions and authorization procedures
  • Generate requisitions from customer back orders
  • Fax or Email P/O documents
  • Link P/O to Sales Order or Work Order

Matching Purchase Orders to your business

  • Supplier stock code cross-referencing with pricing
  • Record P/O notes using the notepad facility
  • Manage stocked and/or non-stocked items
  • Customize multiple P/O and GRN document formats
  • Expedite purchases using follow-up codes and dates
  • Retain original and revised due dates to monitor performance
  • Order for multiple due dates and warehouses
  • Two stage receipting for inspection items
  • Order stocked and non-stocked items on same order
  • Purchase in multiple units with user-defined conversion rates
  • Automatically include comments for each line item
  • Interface efficiently with data collection system
  • Receive directly into Work-in-Progress
  • Call-off against blanket P/O
  • Non-merchandise apportionment across all lines
  • Export P/O in XML format
  • Manage purchases by specifying approved manufacturers
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