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STARS Implementation

SYSPRO STARS (Structured Technique to Achieve Rapid Solution) Implementation Methodology has received numerous awards over the years. The Methodology undergoes constant development and is an assurance that the highest levels of professionalism are maintained when implementing the SYSPRO solution. SYSPRO trains all its implementation professionals according to the highest standards in the industry in order to ensure customers get the fastest implementation possible and, in turn, the shortest path to achieving ROI. The STARS implementation methodology enables a business to quickly reap the benefits of the powerful SYSPRO solution and achieve renewed operational effectiveness. The importance of a well-planned implementation where the business requirements and processes are clearly defined at the start of the project cannot be over-emphasized. A well-implemented system provides a solid foundation for growth, with easy adaptability to business process changes, economic swings and technological developments. SYSPRO has earned a reputation for well-structured, effective implementations.

The STARS Implementation Methodology consists of the following phases: The first step is the detailed discovery phase. SYSPRO refers to this as Joint Application Design” (JAD) sessions. This has proved to be extremely beneficial to most companies as it provides the opportunity to question, redefine and streamline business processes. Both the implementation consultants and the implementing company have a much better understanding of the business as a result of the JAD sessions. Once the business processes are understood and defined, the implementing consultants build a model of the solution that will be implemented. This is presented back to the company to prove the proposed solution. The implementing company can rest easily knowing that their business is understood and the processes documented. Once the model has been accepted a project plan is put in place to implement the solution. The plan includes everything from data conversions and data entry to verifying the network and hardware requirements. Training is a key aspect in the implementation plan. Users who have been properly trained are able to utilize the full power and functionality of SYSPRO software and make a rapid transition to the new system. The SYSPRO implementation methodology has been tried and tested with positive results. SYSPRO was awarded the coveted K2 Quality Award for Installation Channel/Methodology” for the STARS Implementation Methodology for five successive years.


SYSPRO prides itself in having the highest levels of support in the industry. SYSPRO has both an award winning Reseller Program and a fully-fledged certification program designed to ensure that the level of knowledge and support around the SYSPRO product is kept at its most optimal level. This highly successful and highly trained Reseller Channel ensures that customer support levels are met and exceeded. The benefits of having this expert skill on the ground are echoed by the voices of happy SYSPRO customers. The SYSPRO Reseller Channel is made up of qualified, professional and loyal SYSPRO partners who have achieved the highest levels of support and implementation skills to enable seamless customer support. In addition, SYSPRO has an expert team of technical analysts available in-house to support the specific needs of both our Reseller Channel and the specific requirements of each customer if those needs arise.

Training & Education

SYSPRO and its Reseller Channel provide many methods of education for both existing customers looking to enhance their usage of the SYSPRO system as well as new customers being trained on their newly installed system. SYSPRO offers a SYSPRO Learning Channel where users can access classroom style education via the Internet on a 247 basis. SYSPRO also holds year round classroom style training at its state of the art training facility in Costa Mesa, California. Courses are designed to assist users in effectively utilizing the SYSPRO system. SYSPRO and its Reseller Channel also offer onsite one-on-one training customized to meet the specific requirements of the SYSPRO customer. These online and regular workshops, as well as ongoing online webinars, end-user conferences, newsletters, self-training websites and many other educational channels, ensure the End-User has total access to the resources that will best serve their training and education requirements.

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