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Financial Management for SYSPRO

Financial Management Module

Budget Management for SYSPRO

Overview: To provide a complete application that streamlines the budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting process and offers rock-solid financial analysis enabling organizations to make better decisions for tomorrow with more accuracy. Link Maestro™ for SYSPRO is included to provide direct connectivity to SYSPRO facilitating the automatic exchange of financial information from SYSPRO into Budget Maestro.

The Value of Budget Maestro for SYSPRO 

  • Supports the full cycle of budget development, comparing actual results to plan, re-forecasting, contingency and what-if scenarios
  • Includes Revenue and Expense Forecasting, Cash Flow and Financing Projections, Payroll and Fixed
  • Asset Planning
  • Unlimited financial and management report generation
  • Built-in financial intelligence and business rules – generates accurate calculations and GAAP-compliant reporting
  • Enable budget accountability from operational managers
  • No formulas or macros to create ensuring 100% accurate calculations
  • Align operations and strategy, to deliver accurate and timely financial information and monitor progress toward goals
  • Integrated, synchronized P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements ensures accurate and precise reporting
  • Know exactly how much cash you need to support growth
  • Required little IT support
  • ILow total cost of Ownership
  • Quick implementation

Matching Budget Maestro to your business

  • Use your existing SYSPRO account structure to model your business enabling accurate actual vs. plan analysis
  • Data import of accounts and balances for actual vs. budget analysis
  • Budget at the right level of detail whether that be very granular or summary consolidated levels
  • Option for activity-based budgeting below the G/L” for example: detailed payroll planning by personnel or position
  • Ability to globally define payroll tax rates, fringe benefits and other salary related expenses
  • Built-in depreciation schedules for forecasting depreciation on planned capital acquisitions
  • Easily determine variances and trends and make changes in line with goals and forecasts.
  • Drill down to the transaction level to see underlying causes and better exploit opportunities or correct problems.
  • Examine your operation from numerous perspectives – by G/L account, manager, category, product lines, customer or any entity
  • Export budgets for import into SYSPRO to leverage existing reports and dashboards

Financial and Management Reporting

  • Standard financial statement
  • Dynamic drill-down reports
  • Ad-hoc reports

Accounts Payable

Objective: To provide timely, accurate and efficient control of processing invoices, paying bills and analyzing expenses and available discounts to improve cash flow, while maintaining close relationships with suppliers.

The Value of Accounts Payable

  • Forecast current and future cash requirements easily and accurately
  • Utilize the invoice registration system to ensure invoices have been authorized for payment
  • Complete purchase analysis of suppliers
  • Use Goods Received Notes to track Accounts Payable accruals and control price variances
  • Provide automation of payment processing
  • Take advantage of settlement discounts
  • Streamline data processing by approving supplier invoices electronically
  • Support recurring expense entries
  • Process manual and void checks
  • Manage suppliers by branch

Matching Accounts Payable to your business

  • Process in multiple currencies (EMU compliant)
  • Link suppliers to default ledger codes
  • Manage permanent and temporary suppliers
  • Contra invoices between supplier and customer
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Support full TAX/VAT/GST
  • Two tier tax system
  • Post transactions to current and two prior periods
  • Expense invoices over multiple general ledger accounts
  • Automate postings of recurring monthly entries for leases and rentals
  • Automatically calculate due dates and discount dates with payment alerts and suggestions
  • Record invoices for approval prior to liability
  • Release payments for multiple local and foreign currency banks
  • Process concurrent payment cycles
  • Automatic or user selection of invoices for payment
  • Provide the ability to place an invoice on hold and restrict payment
  • Maintain history of receipts and invoices
  • Define check, remittance and label formats
  • Electronic trading suppliers
  • Capture balance and historical invoices
  • Revalue foreign invoices
  • Automatic numbering of suppliers


  • Integrates with the following modules:
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Book
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • General Ledger
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work in Progress
  • Business-to-business Training
  • Contact Management

Audit trails and reporting

  • Cash requirements reporting to improve cash management
  • User-defined selection criteria for flexible reporting
  • Free format check and remittance advice
  • Manual checks
  • Complete audit trails of invoices, payments and master file mendments
  • Detailed screen query with history and graphics
  • Maintains payment history as required
  • Label print programs for mailings
  • Grouping by supplier class, branch and bank
  • Produce 1099 documentSPRO. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks are recognized. www​.syspro​.com

Accounts Receivable

Objective: To accumulate and manage customer activity, ensuring timely revenue collection and effective reporting in order to enhance cash flow management.

  • The Value of Accounts Receivable
  • Improve customer service through instant, on-screen access to all account information, including out
  • standing invoices, sales orders and work in progress
  • Follow up collections using credit management tools
  • Analyze the profitability of each account
  • Identify potential bad debts early
  • Create notes and detail credit management information for effective customer service
  • Maintain contact information
  • Support recurring invoicing
  • Apply optional finance charges to overdue accounts
  • Support miscellaneous unassigned cash receipts
  • Fax or email customer statements in bulk
  • Provide average days-to-pay information
  • Manage customers by branch

Matching Accounts Receivable to your business

  • Create individual terms, tax, discount tables and multiple statement formats
  • Support multiple delivery addresses
  • Define currency per customer
  • Utilize flexible, user-defined aging periods for business credit management
  • Provide user-defined G/L integration by branch, product class, geographic area and warehouse
  • Customer/stock code cross reference and interchange
  • Retain balances in local or foreign currency
  • Contra invoices between supplier and customer
  • Apply orders discount breaks by product class and/or customer
  • Provide master/sub-account relationships
  • Automate recurring monthly invoices for leases and rentals
  • Match cash received with outstanding invoices manually/automatically by invoice or aged date
  • Limit customer’s credit or place them on hold
  • Attach credit management notes, sound clips and video images to customer accounts and individual transactions
  • Capture balance and history
  • Revalue foreign invoices
  • Automatic numbering of customers


  • Integrates with the following modules:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Book
  • General Ledger
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory
  • Counter Sales
  • Sales Analysis
  • Trade and Promotions
  • SYSPRO to SYSPRO interface

Audit trails and reporting

  • Detailed audit trails of all sales and cash transactions plus master file changes
  • Graphical invoice aging query
  • Credit Management Report, with follow-up dates
  • Cash posting worksheet
  • Flexible management reporting
  • Substantial customer account reporting
  • User-defined statements and label formats
  • Bank deposit slips
  • Track proof of delivery information
  • Customized statements per customer/group of customers

Activity Based Costing

Objective: To associate elements of overhead cost to those products that cause them by applying the cost at the points of transition in the procurement, manufacturing and sales cycle.

The Value of Activity Based Costing

  • Adopt a migration approach, recovering additional overheads according to an implementation plan
  • Attach user-defined elements of costs to transition points in the purchase, production and sale of products
  • Appropriate pre-production costs as stock is received from purchasing
  • Apportion manufacturing costs as stock is eceived from Work in Progress
  • Distribute post-production costs through cost of sales as the final item is invoiced
  • Calculate single batch or item based activities

Matching Activity Based Costing to your business

  • Define the cost elements required that are to be allocated to stock
  • Assign the drive quantities for each element
  • Run Activity Based Costing parallel to traditional costing during implementation
  • Estimate appropriate recovering rates using system generated estimates


  • Integrates with the following modules:
  • Bill of Materials (Essential)
  • Inventory (Essential)
  • General Ledger
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work in Progress

Audit trails and reporting

  • The ABC costing variance account is designed to accumulate rounding errors that can arise during processing of a receipt into stock
  • The Recoveries Estimate Report program produces a report of the expected overhead recoveries relative to the quantity of the stock item processed
  • The ABC Analysis Report program prints a report listing of all the recoveries made against various elements according to a specific ledger period or all ledger periods

Tax Management

Overview: To interface with AvaTax OnSite by Avalara ISPI to calculate sales tax based on the location of the unit and the ship-to address of the customer (state/city/zip code), and to ultimately generate the appropriate quarterly and annual sales tax returns for state filing purposes.

The Value of AvaTax OnSite for SYSPRO

  • Ensure current sales tax rates are always applied
  • Monthly updates provided for importing into SYSPRO
  • Provides sales tax rates for all USA states and Canadian provinces
  • Leverage off 28 years of sales tax expertise through Avalara ISPI
  • Optimize internal resource required to maintain tax rates and generate returns

Matching AvaTax OnSite to your business

  • Produce accurate sales tax reports with State, County, City analysis
  • Provides import facility of sales tax rates into SYSPRO
  • Tax code for each ZIP/Postal code provided on a monthly basis
  • Easy and efficient import of tax rates into SYSPRO
  • Optional link to Laserbridge+ software
  • Exports sales transactions from SYSPRO
  • Produces state tax returns
  • Forms are produced using Adobe Acrobat
  • Forms are updated quarterly to ensure they are current
  • Generates details to manually complete electronic filing

Asset Register

Objective: To maintain a detailed record of the company’s fixed assets by recording depreciation and current asset values, in addition to providing a facility to evaluate remaining usefulness by tracking expenditures incurred or income derived from assets.

The Value of Assets Register

  • Maintain a register of all assets and their ocations
  • Track expenses incurred for any asset
  • Calculate book and tax-based depreciation
  • Track maintenance history for each asset
  • Obtain estimates of the remaining useful life’ of an asset
  • Report on disposals, revaluations and/or acquisitions
  • Provide detailed reporting and screen queries
  • Provision for initial and investment allowances
  • Manage capital expenditure items
  • Support IAS 16 regulations

Matching Assets Register to your business

  • Define fixed or variable depreciation rates
  • Multi-period accounting
  • User-defined retention of history
  • Book and Tax values plus three alternative user-defined valuations
  • Revalue financial assets
  • Asset Branch, Cost Center and/or Location transfer
  • Dispose of assets
  • Asset count process include labels with bar-codes
  • Automatically post monthly provisions to the General Ledger according to a user-defined hierarchy
  • Calculate book depreciation and tax allowances using: Straight line; Reducing balance; Statistical or Fixed estimated useful life of asset
  • Assign assets to individual branches of the business, and/or user-defined groups and types
  • Attach sub-assets to other assets
  • Group assets for reporting purposes
  • Define variable depreciation rates for up to 14 years
  • Record revenue and expense transactions for any asset quickly and easily
  • Document and track maintenance or repair time against each asset
  • Determine profit or loss on the sale of any asset
  • Calculate depreciation and tax allowances to-date when initially adding assets
  • Control work flow budget approval and requisitioning against Capex
  • Temporarily suspend depreciation if asset is out of commission

Payroll Interface for SYSPRO

Objective: To facilitate the payment of employees in an external payroll system based on labor hours processed in SYSPRO, with subsequent updates to the Cash Book and General Ledger to ensure accurate financial reporting.

The Value of Payroll Interface for SYSPRO

  • Interfaces with ABRA Payroll and Optimum Solutions
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Export labor hours for import into Payroll system
  • Import payroll checks into the SYSPRO Cash Book module or directly into the General Ledger

Matching the Payroll Interface to your business

  • Cross reference SYSPRO employee codes to the payroll employee codes
  • Cross-reference SYSPRO work centers with the payroll work centers to ensure accurate rates are applied
  • Simple extract of labor reduces options for error
  • Extract run-time as well as setup, startup and teardown times
  • Payroll import allows summary, detailed or timesheet processing of transactions
  • Validate information before importing

SYSPRO Analytics

Objective: To provide the ability to measure your business in today’s highly competitive environment through an intuitive analytical framework that builds and supports the key performance indicators of your business enabling proactive and strategic decision-making.

The Value of SYSPRO Analytics

  • Collect and transform relevant data into information and knowledge
  • Monitor, measure and analyze information
  • Make informed decisions based on the state of your business
  • Templates eliminate the need to understand the source of the information
  • Intuitively build the required processes and information storage through analysis objects and metric templates
  • Scaleable and customizable to meet specific requirements
  • Intuitive interface
  • Customize template ETL processes to match your business requirements
  • Back end configuration
  • Graphical and grid display of information
  • Quick and easy to install and configure
  • Export views to Excel and PowerPoint
  • Web Services for custom development
  • Remove the need to understand the intricacies BI technology

Matching SYSPRO Analytics to your business

  • Access large amounts of historical data for trend analysis or simply compare this year to last
  • Customize look, feel and content of graphs, grids and templates
  • Fast access to complex queries across all business functions
  • Analyze operational performance and monitor compliance
  • Manage sales performance and track trends in customer activity
  • Proactively measure product and reliability issues
  • Monitor delivery and shipment trends and performance
  • Deliver key information in an effective, efficient way
  • Encourage interaction, analysis and exploration of key information
  • Built on Microsoft .NET framework
  • Create business rules through Stored Procedures
  • Extend data for use by other analytical applications
  • Include non-SYSPRO data for enterprise-wide decision making
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