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Production Management for SYSPRO

Production Management Module

Bill of Materials

Objective: To define the relationship between a manufactured item, its co- and by-product, its component materials as well as the sequence of operations required to produce the item, facilitating an accurate expected cost against which to track actual production costs. 

· The Value of Bill of Materials

· Supports up to 15 levels

· Intuitive tree-view display with operational Gantt Charts

· Analyze BOM and what-if’ costs

· Compare BOM costs to current inventory costs

· Identify material shortages with multi-level trial kitting

· Support planning bills, phantom parts and sub-contract operations

· Optional components supported for sales of kits

· Track effectivity dates of components

· Define scrap factors for more accurate planning

· Plan for co- and by-products, apportioning costs accurately

· Matching Bill of Materials to your business

· Multiple recovery rates per cost center, work center and employee

· Track time and capacity in different units of measure

· Define component requirements up to six decimal places

· Document routing instructions and component notes

· Link pictures and videos to Bill of Materials

· Define routes per location for accurate costing and planning

· Validate structures and operations and provide notification of potential problems

· Calculate BOM costs per warehouse

· Calculate manufacturing lead times

· Where-Used’ query with Replace Where-Used’ function

· Import structure and routings from third-party systems (e.g. CAD)

· Calculate dynamic-elapsed time and capacity required

· Transfer rolled-up BOM costs to unit cost of item

· Indicate move time between work centers

· Capacity calendar per work center and productive units

Engineering Change Control

To enable SYSPRO users to better manage engineering changes to products and/or associated data. This change management is achieved through user defined work flow, steps and processes.

The Value of Engineering Change Control

  • Define workflow to document and control product design changes
  • Assign product design tasks to specific users/groups of users
  • Transfer tasks between users/groups of users
  • Define new task notifications, outstanding task reminders and electronic sign-off
  • Control BOM and/or routings maintenance with mandatory Engineering Change Order’s (ECO)
  • Optionally prevent creation or maintenance of purchase orders, jobs and sales orders for products on an ECO
  • Retrieve previous revisions of BOMs, routings and jobs from archives for production as planned or as built

Matching Engineering Change Control to your business

  • Govern revision/release sensitivity at stock code level
  • Keep track of product-related data such as drawings, circuit diagrams, CNC programs
  • Enforce security and controls in the ECC process
  • Govern the ECO cycle using meaningful user-defined status codes
  • Define any number of user-defined statuses with associated routings
  • Movement between statuses can be automatic or manual
  • Trigger an associated event when an ECO is moved into a status
  • Identify affected products against an ECO
  • Identify existing jobs, purchase orders and sales orders relating to the affected products on the ECO with where-used queries

Factory Documentation

To provide factory production staff with clear and accurate user-defined shop floor documentation regarding the tasks to be performed and the materials required.

The Value of Factory Documentation

  • Produce material requisitions for components
  • Provide visibility of expected start and completion dates for each operation within a job
  • Set the expected duration of each operation
  • Produce production staff with routing instructions
  • Provide visibility of materials issued and operations completed, including quality control
  • Inform the production staff of the next operation to be performed (for routing)
  • Prepare job packs

Matching Factory Documentation to your business

  • Define up to four different factory documentation formats, such as:
  • Job Tickets
  • Material Requisitions
  • Route Cards
  • Travelers
  • Print bar codes on documents for use with automated data collection devices
  • Include operation instructions, technical notes and material notes on documentation
  • Print material requisitions per operation or work center
  • Generate documentation for a range of existing jobs or for selected jobs
  • Produce documentation for dummy jobs for a specified quantity based on a standard Bill of Material
  • Reprint factory documentation as required
  • Include stock code and job multimedia on documentation

Landed Cost Tracking

Objective: To provide visibility of imported goods while retaining control of all associated costs, resulting in accurate landed costs.

The Value of Landed Cost Tracking

  • Identify all cost elements associated with goods that are imported
  • Monitor the progress of arrival dates of shipments
  • Simplify the receipt of shipments by pre-costing the shipment before the goods arrive
  • Compare actual invoice cost with estimated costs for all cost elements
  • Select suppliers based on shipping routes and associated costs
  • Achieve true landed cost for each product through accurate cost apportionment based on volume, value, quantity,
  • Receive traceable stock items through inspection with lot and/or serial numbers
  • Take advantage of the Goods Received Note (GRN) system to trace element costs for accurate invoice matching
  • Allow for different tariff codes

Matching Landed Cost Tracking to your business

  • Define multiple alternate shipping routes for each stock item
  • Combine multiple purchase orders into a single shipment
  • Identify difference between landed costs and current inventory costs with the automatic cost roll-up feature
  • Revise shipment quantities if different to the original purchase order
  • Designate the currency rates for customs exchange calculations
  • Define a bill of costs for each inventory item per route
  • Expected arrival date automatically updated when shipping date is revised
  • Ability to transfer landed cost price (merchandise and non-merchandise costs separately) to the inventory warehouse costs
  • Register supplier invoices against the shipment registration system
  • Archive the shipment once all the actual costs have been accumulated

Planning and Scheduling

Objective: To provide advanced planning, scheduling and execution which enhances existing manufacturing capabilities by effectively closing the loop between ERP business functions and the shop floor, while giving managers useful, real-time information on current shop floor activities with advanced scheduling and quality control functionality.

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

• Collect shop floor data in real-time

• Perform on the fl y what-if scheduling

• Track quality control with ability to extract quality

information for detailed analysis

• Realize finite capacity planning and scheduling

• Receive point-of-entry late warnings

• Record progress accurately and in real-time

• Immediate comparison of planned and actual process times

• Accurately record resource utilization

• Optimize cellular manufacturing operations

• Provide optimum utilization of resources; labor, machines and tools

• Create achievable work-to lists

• Track of work orders (jobs) linked to sales orders in real-time

The Value of SYSPRO Planning and Scheduling

• Fully-configure to model the physical factory

• Accurately model factory resources

• Schedule multi-resource

• Define attributes and schedule cell accordingly

• Identify the need for overtime or sub-contracting

• Increase efficiency operations

• Maintain a real-time schedule

• Decrease total throughput time

Projects and Contracts

Objective: To facilitate accurate profit reporting for long-term projects that require the analysis of costs and revenues at each section or level within the contract or project.

The Value of Projects and Contracts

  • Highlight profitable areas within a job
  • Identify profitable jobs within a contract
  • Compare real-time, actual, and committed costs assigned to a job
  • Show real-time, realized, and projected profits
  • Perform comprehensive reporting for jobs and/or contracts that extend over a period of time
  • Drill-down to transaction detail with job query
  • Query jobs in terms of sales, billings, cost of sales and future expected costs
  • Maintain standard hierarchies
  • Analyze at job or contract level
  • Create deposits, retentions and billing schedule based on different criteria

Matching Projects and Contracts to your business

  • Assign multiple jobs to a contract for tracking purposes
  • Estimate cost and revenue by levels or section within a contract
  • Define costing levels within a contract
  • Assign unlimited numbers of heads to a contract
  • Assign unlimited numbers of sections and subsections to a head
  • Describe the costing hierarchy at the time of creating the job or estimate
  • Reduce processing time by recalling standard costing hierarchies for similar items
  • Attach purchase order lines to the relevant hierarchy level
  • Associate material labor transactions with the relevant hierarchy level
  • Recognize revenue through Sales Orders based on the costing hierarchy
  • Adjust billing values between heads and sections
  • Base flexible billing on contract or job hierarchy
  • Apply deposit against first, last, or any progress payments
  • Reduce final invoice by retention value
  • Raise retention invoice after specified term

Product Configurator

Objective: To facilitate rapid order configuration by non-technical people in SYSPRO Sales Orders and Quotations modules.

The Value of Product Configurator

  • Ensure viable products with rules-based configurations
  • Improve order entry by being able to configure complex products on the fly
  • Provide an option to configure a standard inventory item
  • Maintain a library of common configurations to easily recall repeat orders
  • Calculate configurations based on the dimensions selected

Matching Product Configurator to your business

  • Ideal for engineer-to-order and configure-to-order environments
  • Define selection criteria to determine the number of options presented for configuration
  • Store and recall commonly used configurations
  • Selection criteria can be optional or mandatory
  • Selections may be dependent on other selections
  • Generate labor requirements based on configuration options
  • Develop component dependencies based on options
  • Create availability of critical items before processing
  • Prevent premature use with under development indicator
  • Optionally create a new inventory part and BOM from configured selections
  • Optionally generate custom work order and linked sales order
  • Drive demand through production by generating sales orders for standard parts
  • Print selections on order documents
  • Links the options to stock codes and operations
  • Option to generate non-stocked items or kit types
  • Generate intelligent part number based on selections
  • Base costs on bill of material or inventory cost

Quality for SYSPRO by uniPoint

Overview: To provide a suite of quality and continuous improvement modules that are designed to help your company meet compliance, track, control and reduce costs of quality and maintenance with simple and intuitive software that will help you achieve excellence.

Matching Quality for SYSPRO to your business

  • Access SYSPRO data directly using ODBC connectivity
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy by reducing redundant data entry
  • Ensure the correct information is available by associating unlimited number of attachments
  • Customize data labels as required
  • Choose Access or SQL database
  • Security defined per user
  • Understand the cost of quality in your organization
  • Assign and track tasks with automated to-do lists


Objective: To provide the flexibility of producing quotes with multiple offers for stocked and/or customized (estimated) items for existing or prospective customers.

The Value of Quotations

  • Quote on existing and/or custom items
  • Retain Bill of Materials for custom manufactured items
  • Retain supplier contracts for non-stocked purchased items
  • Provide access to the Product Configurator at line level
  • Identify time and materials for manufacturing an item
  • Estimate expected labor, material and overhead costs
  • Safeguard profits with built-in profit margins
  • Retain analysis on lost quotes
  • Selectively include quotations in MRP for planning

Matching Quotations to your business

  • Recall non-stocked item information for use in multiple quotations
  • Determine price and lead-time with on-line cost roll-up
  • Define multiple formats for printing quotes
  • Control quoted costs with expiration dates
  • Five offers per quotation with default quantity breaks
  • Re-value based on current inventory or BOM costs
  • Copy and modify previous quotation
  • Import from CAD-generated files (or other ASCII files)
  • Recall configurations previously defined using the Product Configurator
  • Automatically create work orders, purchase orders, sales orders, retentions, deposits and billing schedules on acceptance of quote
  • Job chaining for multi-level custom Bill of Materials
  • Automatically issue lower jobs to their parent, on completion
  • Add and print notes, comments and instructions on reports and quotation formats
  • Create inventory items and generate Bill of Material from estimate
  • Optionally consider progressive scrap on calculation of material and capacity requirements

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Overview: Request for Quote expedites the purchasing process by creating and submitting an RFQ to multiple prospective and existing SYSPRO suppliers, recording and tracking bids, and ultimately initiating a Blanket Purchase Order from the successful bid.

The Value of Request for Quote (RFQ)

  • Single entry point for multiple submissions
  • Submit to SYSPRO and non-SYSPRO suppliers
  • Generate RFQ for contracts about to expire
  • Capture all bids against RFQ
  • Review purchase history of item
  • Review all bids on a single screen
  • Obtain best prices and delivery options
  • Easy bid-approval process
  • Retain history of all bids per RFQ
  • Initiate contract from approved bid
  • Full query function with drill-down to detail lines, bids and submitted suppliers

Matching RFQ to your business

  • Proactively generate RFQ to replace current contracts
  • View existing contract and P/O history from RFQ
  • View detailed inventory query from RFQ
  • Easily submit to multiple prospective and existing suppliers
  • Choose to submit via:
  • Integrated email
  • Fax
  • Printed US mail
  • Make informed decisions for new source
  • Compare prices and delivery schedules
  • Retain bid history for future analysis
  • < Efficient bid review and approval
  • < Blanket P/O initiated from RFQ details
  • < Attach P/O Additional text to RFQ line item

Requirements Planning

Objective: To create realistic purchasing and production schedules, optimize stock holdings and identify capacity constraints in a multi-site and multi-warehouse environment.

The Value of Requirements Planning

  • Meet demand with effective planning of required material and production capacity
  • Identify usage of critical resources with rough-cut capacity planning
  • Easily create build schedules from Master Production Schedule (MPS) suggestions
  • Suggest purchasing, production and transfer schedules to satisfy demand
  • Create and amend purchase orders and jobs based on suggestions with powerful, on-screen reviews
  • Test plans before updating the live system with snapshot’ functionality
  • Control inventory levels by identifying potential oversupply
  • Avoid bottlenecks by reviewing average queue times
  • Manage lot traceable items including tracking expiration dates
  • Preview reports to screen and email capabilities

Matching Requirements Planning to your business

  • Calculate material and capacity requirements under an infinite or finite capacity assumption
  • Create actual purchase orders, work orders or requisitions from suggestions
  • Generate supply chain transfers from suggestions for transfers between warehouses
  • Accept suggested changes to existing purchase orders and jobs based on changes in demand
  • Detailed pegging information available in queries and reports
  • Define Gross Requirements rule per item
  • Define planning frequencies, lead times and planning horizons for time fence indicators
  • Query MRP calculation results with pegging details
  • View capacity load in a bar chart or report form
  • Quickly identify overloaded work centers
  • Critical resource queries facilitate effective planning
  • View and report planning details in any time period with bucketless environment
  • Optional inclusion/exclusion of requisition users

SYSPRO ShopClock

Objective: SYSPRO ShopClock captures employee time on job / operations quickly and accurately in real-time using scanning technology. Track employee time and attendance with flexible setup options by configuring shift rules to match your shop floor labor policies.

The Value of SYSPRO ShopClock

  • Capture labor on job / operations in real-ime’ and provide excellent production status visibility’
  • Automate the posting of labor transactions to SYSPRO Work In Progress’ (WIP) in either traditional batch mode or instant labor posting
  • On-screen GANTT Chart provides up-to-latest second management view” of shop floor labor activities
  • GANTT Chart horizontal bars” are color-coded to clearly show which operations are complete, partially finished, over-budget, or non-productive time
  • Assign non-productive reason codes / descriptions in SYSPRO and capture as it happens on the shop floor
  • Log non-productive time against jobs / operations and post to GL expense accounts immediately
  • All time clocking’ is instantly verified against the SYSPRO database to ensure validity
  • Clocking on/off’ is fast and dependable with prompts to guide the employee plus immediate warning message and audible buzz if employee makes a mistake
  • Shifts can be defined for any number of days in advance including pre-defined labor rates for regular and overtime pay
  • Optional Material Kit Issues’ can be performed directly from the shop floor
  • Use PC’s with scanners attached or Computer WiseTM terminals to best suit your environment.

Matching SYSPRO ShopClock to your business

  • Customize your time clocking data entry prompts so employees only get asked relevant questions
  • Use SYSPRO ShopClock as a labor data collection system for job costing & tracking, or as a time & attendance solution, or both
  • On-screen shop floor management views’ can be quickly and easily filtered by supervisor or area of plant / employee / job / work center / operation and non-productive codes for focused visibility
  • Tailor your shift rules’ to automate arrival / departure lenience rules, coffee / meal breaks, labor rates, etc.
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