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Supply Chain Management for SYSPRO

Supply Chain Management Module

EDI Solution for SYSPRO

Overview: To facilitate the mapping/translating that is required to exchange large batches of business transactions automatically and electronically in the traditional standardized formats between trading partners.

The Value of EDI Solution for SYSPRO

  • Support just-in-time (JIT) ordering objectives
  • Accommodate complex requirements of specific suppliers in standardized formats
  • Shorten the order/shipping cycle with rapid electronic processing of documents between trading partners
  • Increase accuracy by eliminating unnecessary manual data entry
  • Multiple methods of communication:
  • The traditional Value Added Network provider (VAN)
  • AS2 and the Web
  • Built-in FTP facility
  • Automatically translate and process incoming documents into SYSPRO sales orders
  • Generate return documents (shipping notices and invoices) for processing by the trading partners computer system
  • Promote better customer service through increased responsiveness

Matching EDI Solution to your business

  • Intuitive setup to easily map requirements
  • Cross references used to store required system information regarding qualifiers for incoming and outgoing documents
  • Easy setup of new trading partner with the ability to copy from an existing trading partner
  • Automatically disseminates a single incoming document to the appropriate trading partner and document types
  • Automatically transmits acknowledgements
  • Combines all outgoing documents into a single file for transmission
  • Efficient management of public warehouses

System requirements SYSPRO Sales Order module

Incoming Documents:

816 – Organizational Information

820 – Remittance Advice

824 – Application Advice

830 – Shipping Schedule Import

846 – Inventory Advice

850 – Purchase Order

852 – Product Quality

853 – Routing & Carrier Instructions

855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement

856 – Advanced Ship Notice

860 – P.O. Change

861 – Receiving Advice

862 – Shipping Schedule

864 – Text Document

875 – Grocery Purchase Order

940 – Warehouse Shipping Document

945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice

997 – Acknowledgement

DELFOR – Delivery Forecast

DELJIT – Delivery Just-in-Time

GENERAL – General Text Message


Fridgidaire/Electrolux Conversion

Outgoing Documents:

211 – Motor Carrier Bill of Lading

810 – Invoice

812 – Credit/Debit

816 – Organizational Relationships

832 – Price Sales Catalog

846 – Inventory Inquiry/Advice

850 – Purchase Order

852 – Inventory Status

855 – P.O. Acknowledgement

856 – Advanced Ship Notice

857 – Ship Notification

865 – P.O. Change Acknowledgement

867 – Product Transfer and Resale Report

870 – Order Status Report

880 – Grocery Invoice

940 – Warehouse Shipping Document

943 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Advice

944 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice

945 – Warehouse Response

997 – Acknowledgement

DESADV — EDIFACT — Dispatch Advice

Freight Calculator for SYSPRO

Objective: To enhance the functionality of the Shipping System by calculating the cost of freight and adding that cost plus the charges to SYSPRO sales orders.

The Value of Freight Calculator for SYSPRO

  • Eliminates the need for separate systems per carrier
  • Select freight rates from multiple carriers:
  • Automatic download and installation of UPS freight rates
  • Import capability for DHL rates
  • Acquire FedEx rates by accessing the FedEx Ship Manage Server
  • LTL rates calculated on standard NMFC classes and shipment weights
  • Auto-populates appropriate cross-references
  • Use freight calculator stand-alone to estimate freight costs/charges
  • No additional workstation software is required

Matching Freight Calculator to your business

  • Simple setup screens in SYSPRO
  • Customer specific parameters for freight and additional charges
  • Adjust calculated freight with additional handling or other service charges 
  • Include carrier and self-insurance rates
  • Define how the calculated freight appears on the sales orders
  • Automatic insertion of shipment information into the sales orders


  • Freight Calculator integrates with:
  • Shipping Solution for SYSPRO
  • FedEx, UPS and DHL

Inventory Forecasting

Objective: To provide the data and tools to produce sales forecasts as well as the means to measure the quality of the forecast.

The Value of Inventory Forecasting

  • Forecast at item/warehouse level
  • Variety of forecast algorithms including a competition method
  • Set default algorithms at company or stock code levels
  • Ability to handle seasonality
  • Manually or automatically remove outliers and anomalies
  • Facility to edit history
  • Utilize monthly or weekly time buckets
  • Define multiple calendars
  • Determine forecast horizon up to 24 months
  • Improve visibility with graphical output
  • Edit suggested forecast to reflect market intelligence
  • Store three or more years of history
  • Use of proxy to forecast items with no history
  • Batch updating of forecast parameters.

Matching Inventory Forecasting to your business

  • Powerful Pareto (ABC) Analysis enables easy identification of the items that contribute most to the business
  • Store parameter analysis sets that can carry through the entire process
  • Multi-level analysis (stock code, warehouse, product class, supplier, planner or buyer) allows tracking of product performance at all these levels
  • Analyze sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold or hits (invoice line occurrences) with Pareto
  • Automatically update history in real time
  • Forecast in batch or manually – manual forecast items typically need market intelligence, or are of critical importance to the business
  • Compare the manual forecast with computer recommended forecast
  • Control and validate the forecast before it becomes active
  • Convert approved forecast to current forecast with Requirements Planning
  • Edit history to exclude specific invoices, outliers or make manual adjustments

ShipLink™ for SYSPRO

Overview: To automate the shipping and invoicing processes with seamless integration from SYSPRO to UPS Worldship or FedEx Ship Manager, thus increasing the visibility of shipment data and enhancing customer support.

The Value of ShipLink for SYSPRO

  • Real-time interface with UPS Worldship or FedEx Ship Manager
  • Shifts decision-making from warehouse to the front office
  • Automatic update of order status
  • Prevents invalid orders from shipping
  • Actual freight costs and shipping fees calculated real-time
  • Parcel information, tracking numbers and shipment weight written to sales order
  • Real-time integration ensures choice of the correct carrier service level COD order values are transmitted to Worldship or Ship Manager
  • Advanced shipment notifications (ASN) sent via email
  • Track packages on the UPS or FedEx web site from within SYSPRO Sales Order Query
  • Improves invoice generation time and accounts receivable

Matching ShipLink for SYSPRO to your business

  • Freight collect terms based on sales order or customer
  • Commercial or residential delivery
  • Flexible handling charges can be assigned
  • Assign true freight costs to orders already containing predefined freight charges
  • Customized free freight” logic based upon a flag, a customer or an order value
  • Process multiple orders within a shipment, with validation of accounts and order status
  • Apportion COD values of a multiple box shipment
  • Adjust COD value with outstanding customer balance
  • Insure shipments using UPS/FedEx insurance or an alternate insurance carrier
  • Prevent shipment of orders to delinquent accounts
  • Optional Blind or Drop shipments
  • Customize message for advanced shipment notifications (ASN)
  • Configure primary and secondary email addresses for ASN

Shipping for SYSPRO

Overview: SYSPRO Shipping interfaces with StarShip to facilitate efficient boxing and shipping of orders with accurate freight information based on actual shipping weights and current carrier rates.

The Value of Shipping for SYSPRO

  • Links to all major carriers such as UPS, FEDEX, USPS, Airborne, etc.
  • Real-time access to rates
  • Pass the shipping method to the StarShip carrier
  • Prints carrier-approved shipping labels and tags on thermal label printers
  • Supports electronic scales for automatic reading of the parcel weight
  • Automatic update of order status
  • Actual freight costs and shipping fees calculated real-time
  • Parcel information, tracking numbers and shipment weight written to sales order
  • Advanced shipment notifications sent via email
  • Track packages on the carriers web site
  • Improves invoice generation time and accounts receivable

Matching Shipping for SYSPRO to your business

  • User-defined carriers and rates can be used
  • Estimate shipping costs during order entry
  • Packers see only the orders that are due to ship
  • Records items packed per box
  • Allows multiple boxes per order
  • Query option to verify box content
  • Optionally change order status for invoicing
  • Produce Bill of lading and Shipping Manifest documentation

Shipping Solution for SYSPRO

Overview: To handle all shipment requirements from product validation to customer-specific labeling with seamless integration to SYSPRO.

The Value of the Shipping Solution for SYSPRO

  • Facilitate efficient order processing
  • Reduces time to invoice by eliminating the handling of shipping documents after the shipment has left the warehouse
  • Flexible configuration to meet your requirements
  • Choose level of verification or automation
  • Print packing slips, bill of ladings, and master bill of ladings
  • Generate FedEx, UPS and DHL domestic tracking labels
  • Consolidate orders in to a single shipment

Matching the Shipping Solution to your business

  • Print packing slips at multiple levels – for the order, box or pallet
  • Produce bill of ladings for LTL shipments
  • Customer compliance labeling requirements
  • Works with sales orders and dispatch notes
  • Compute freight charge and cost using the Freight Calculator
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