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Customer Relationship Management for SYSPRO

Customer Relationship Management Module

Contact Management

Objective: To provide visibility of the communications (or activities) that occur between the touch-points of organizations and to facilitate the proactive intervention by management, improve relationships, and eliminate duplication of effort.

The Value of Contact Management

  • Improve customer and supplier service through in stant on-screen access to all relevant information including touch-points with your company
  • Improve new customer acquisition by allowing you to record and plan activities in a centralized environment against Accounts’
  • Powerful, extensive and customizable query capability with multiple views
  • Flexible activity posting and viewing
  • Integration to Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving Email
  • Integration to Microsoft Office for across-the-organization use of SYSPRO Contact Management information
  • Structured addresses provide enhanced location support (including MS MapPoint integration)
  • Multiple Custom Forms against each Contact allows a large amount of Custom information to be structured and viewed with appropriate validation
  • Developed using the same technology as the rest of SYSPRO ERP and therefore works seamlessly with he rest of SYSPRO on Windows and Unix platforms, using SQL and ISAM databases and in a standalone or Client/Server environment
  • Virtually zero learning required as the user interface uses the very latest SYSPRO 6.0 issue 010 look and feel.


  • Seamless part of SYSPRO — integrates to appropriate SYSPRO modules in real time with no
  • configuration required (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable)
  • Microsoft Outlook used for sending and receiving Email
  • Office Integration allowing flexible and secure querying capability in MS Word and MS Excel
  • Microsoft MapPoint integration allows viewing of locations and route planning.

Querying and Reporting

  • Powerful and extensive Query capability with multiple views
  • Highly customizable look and feel. Uses docking panes and listviews to present information as you want to see it
  • Drag and Drop customization of new and existing fields
  • Easy to use search for quickly finding contact information
  • Quick zoom into Microsoft MapPoint at any appropriate address field
  • SYSPRO Reporting Services used for reporting providing highly customized reports, exports, extracts and batch capabilities
  • VBScript enabled for developer level customization.


Overview: To extend the benefits of the SYSPRO enterprise system by supplying all the key components of customer and supplier management in a single module that seamlessly integrates to back office accounting and ERP functionality, as well as Microsoft front office programs.

Sales Features

  • Manage sale opportunities
  • Create and link opportunities to specific accounts
  • Define unlimited number of fields/forms/folders against opportunities
  • Maintain a complete history of activities with unlimited notes
  • Create and link appointments, tasks and activities
  • Execute graphical sales pipeline reports in real-time based on user-defined metrics
  • Track key sales milestones
  • Utilize sales process management features
  • Analyze competitors, buying issues and project trends
  • Store knowledge base of competitor information
  • Produce sales expense and win/loss analysis
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

The Value of CRM for SYSPRO

  • Enterprise-class functionality that is feature-rich and easy to use
  • Real-time integration to SYSPRO ERP
  • Extensive customization capabilities without programming
  • Easily customize dashboards by user or department
  • Extensive tools for administration and security
  • Quick ROI with rapid implementation & training
  • Implement automated processes to match business requirements
  • One solution supports sales, marketing, service, fulfillment and accounting

Marketing Features

  • Established campaign records for unlimited user-defined campaign types
  • Define unlimited number of fields/forms/folders against campaigns
  • Create and link appointments, tasks and activities
  • Attach unlimited documents of various types
  • Track estimated budgets and actual expenses
  • Link account responses and opportunities
  • Generate revenue forecast
  • Illustrate real-time profitability analysis
  • Execute Email or fax broadcasts and direct mailings

Service Features

  • Establish user-defined Service Level Agreements per account
  • Affiliate and track user-defined warranty programs for inventoried items
  • Log and track service tickets for specific accounts related to serial or lot traceable items
  • Route and escalate reported service tickets automatically based on defined rules
  • Create and link appointments, tasks and activities to service tickets
  • Define unlimited number of fields/forms/folders against service tickets
  • Maintain a complete history per service ticket
  • Populate and utilize the natural language knowledge base
  • Perform extensive searches for problem resolution’

Integrated Accounting

  • Combine prospects with SYSPRO customers and suppliers in the same CRM database
  • Convert prospects to customers or suppliers directly from CRM
  • Synchronizes accounts, contacts, phone numbers, bill-to and ship-to addresses
  • Queries the SYSPRO accounting database real time from CRM
  • Produce quotes and purchase orders in real time
  • Create SYSPRO sales orders directly from CRM
  • View accounting activities directly from account records
  • Accesses rights-based, field in screen level security on accounting functions

Other Key CRM Features

  • Fulfillment — a feature-rich literature inventory and mail request management system
  • Reporting — a comprehensive built-in report writer for generating and executing internal and external report
  • Executive view — provides graphical views of Sales and Opportunities and Service Tickets for high-level analysis


  • SYSPRO CRM integrates with SYSPRO Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Orders and
  • Quotation modules
  • Bi-directional synchronization with MS Outlook
  • Synchronize remote/off-line databases
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