Questions about ERP Technologies

What is Cloud ERP?

Definition of Cloud ERP

Technically, cloud-based ERP systems are ERP programs hosted off-site in the “cloud.” In practice, however, the term encompasses more. ERP software providers offering Cloud ERP almost always provide a “Software as a Service” (Saas). This model handles all the technical aspects of deployment, software updates, and backups for a monthly fee. Users access the ERP system from any internet-enabled device, anywhere.

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud ERP

1. Lower Start-Up Costs

Cloud ERP solutions are typically multi-year contracts based on the number and types of users. Businesses with Cloud ERP don’t have to buy servers every 3-5 years and pay IT staff to maintain them.

2. Highly Reliable Service

ERP software companies sometimes manage their servers; however, most lease computing power in massive data centers managed by others like Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or AWS Amazon. ERP companies may offer shared digital spaces (a server slice), a private cloud environment, or a hybrid of both. The company responsible for the maintenance, management, and updating of these hosted environments has the experience and tools to do this job efficiently.

3. Better Software Maintenance

An ERP software must work seamlessly with a database (like SQL, Pervasive SQL, or Oracle) and the server’s operating system. The program, database, and operating system all must be patched regularly and updated periodically. With a Cloud ERP, the ERP software provider takes responsibility for keeping all these moving pieces working seamlessly together while guaranteeing uptime for users.

4. Up-to-date Enhancements

The cloud ERP vendor takes responsibility for providing product enhancements regularly. The ERP solution should get better over time.

5. Highly Accessible for Remote Employees

Employees can access Cloud ERP from anywhere, on any device. In natural disasters, companies with Cloud ERP can keep critical parts of their business functioning, even if their building is closed. Employees who typically go to work, but are suddenly quarantined, can go to their home computer the next day and get things done. Managers can not only view operations but do their jobs from their phones. Cloud ERP is functionally the wave of the future.

Questions about ERP Technologies

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